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Celebrate Earth Day all year!

Grant created his own kind of artwork. Using cool colors, cool shapes, and cool textures, Grant calls his artwork “COOLAGES!”

Grant Maniér is an award-winning international artist and special needs advocate.

Learn about Grant, a little boy who had trouble finding his way, to a young man who shows others there is always a way.


Retail:  $16.95 Each

                 $12  Free Shipping

  Autographed Book

Illustrations By Grant Maniér

              Book Printed in Dyslexie Font           

Book Topics: Dyslexia, Childhood Cancer, Autism and MORE!

GRANT the Jigsaw Giraffe and Friends Book Series

Grant and Julie promote awareness, acceptance, and inclusion through their one-of-a-kind visually striking children's books about living with special needs or challenges.  GRANT the Jigsaw Giraffe and Friends is a delightful, heartfelt book series about animals with differences. Through the creative imagination of Julie Coy and the artful expression from Grant Maniér, these two creative geniuses put a spin on disabilities and show the world that being different is MORE than we imagined! 

Storybooks Printed with a Dyslexia-Friendly Font

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