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Grant Maniér, (maun-yay) combines his amazing artistic talent and his creative imagination in the genre of "Eco-Art," which uses recycled resources to help improve our relationship with the earth.

Recognized as an emerging NEW promising figure in the art world, Grant has been featured in newspaper, magazines, TV, radio and documentaries.  He's raised the awareness of environmental responsibility and literacy with his children's book about art and disabilities.

Grant hosts online events and travels across the USA teaching children, professionals, parents, and celebrities how to Eco-Art.

Eco-Art with Grant!

Schools, Organizations, Events

Grant’s offers a variety of live and virtual packages (local and nationwide).  

To receive package options, please leave a comment on our "Contact Us" page.

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Grant Raises $$$$ for Great Causes!


Grant Manier (maun-yay), a young and talented artist, living with high-functioning autism, has a dynamic way of encouraging and engaging his audience with his own distinct style and message.

His story personifies the child growing up with a “quirky” behavior, maturing into the young adult, and finding his way as he transitions independently into the world of adulthood.

Grant continues to raise funds for great causes with his artwork donations and motivational speeches. To see how much Grant has raised to date, click here.

Grant Raises Awareness

       Have Grant’s Eco-Art Featured at your School or Event!

Grant demonstrates his talents and techniques for creating beautiful works of art with recycled paper and will bring his art exhibit to inspire children and adults to be environmentally responsible, too.

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Working with Grant

Grant’s fees are based on the topic requested, the length of the presentation, hands-on artwork with audience, traveling costs, and other factors.

Our coordinator will work with you on potential options. You may call or leave a comment with your name, number, email address and Grant’s Eco-Art will get back to you regarding your request.

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Come Meet the First-Ever-Seen Jigsaw Giraffe Mascot!

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