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Video from Grant Maniér  03/2022

 Autism and Cancer is a Double Meltdown

In 2021, Eco-Artist Grant Maniér, age 25, living with autism, started a new adventure moving from Texas to Wisconsin on the road to independence to pursue his talents in art, graphic design, acting, and employment. Grant was looking forward to his new job as a Behavioral Technician at the Treffert Center, a school for autism students.

Before leaving Texas, Grant began experiencing a persistent on-and-off cough. Grant and his mom, Julie Coy, assumed the cough was allergies. Doctors suggested allergy medicine.  Arriving in Wisconsin, Grant’s allergies exacerbated in November. After extensive testing, doctors diagnosed Grant with Stage 2 Hodgkin Lymphoma Cancer.

"Autism has been a battle maintaining Grant’s meltdowns," said Julie. "Now living with cancer, we hope for a meltdown, a tumor meltdown. I cannot help but worry if the combination of Autism and Cancer will take a toll on Grant’s positive mindset and energy.”

Grant continues with his art therapy.  He's looking forward to the day he will share his comeback story.

Grant Continues to Smile and Fight 

Thanks to his Friends

Six months later


The news of Grant being diagnosed with Stage 2 Hodgkin Lymphoma Cancer in January 2022 shocked us all!

Grant and his mom were devastated. Yes, they cried! And, mom cried more!!!

But true to their spiritual beliefs, they went within themselves, enlightened their spirits, and prayed ... and everyone around the world prayed with them.

Grant's cancer attacked his immune system. Mom quit her job as a Special Olympics Coordinator, and for six months, they stayed home. Mom became Grant's caregiver, and together (nurses, doctors, friends, and family), they prayed and fought like warriors, never leaving Grant's side. 



                                                            WE CROSSED THE FINISH LINE TOGETHER!


Grant's Rings the Bell!! 

 (6 seconds)

A Message from Grant 

(1.27 duration)

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