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Meet the Author and Artist

Schedule a Virtual Art Class or Reading Class 

Virtual Reading Program

Meet the Author and Illustrator

Audio Book Sample (see below)


Meet Julie Coy and Grant Maniér in a zoom session.

Your students will listen to a delightful and heartfelt

audiobook that features unique voice-over talents.                                    Book Title Options

-GRANT The Eco-Friendly Artist (Grant Maniér)

- Grant the Jigsaw Giraffe - Different is MORE

Reading Class Package Includes:


         Meet and greet with Julie Coy

and Grant Maniér


Custom Audio Book Reading

(w/Voice Actors)

Q & A with Julie and Grant

1 hour minimum presentation

Number in attendance for Zoom:  Unlimited

Please contact us  for classroom reading.

(Saturdays Upon Request)



Interactive Eco-Art Class 

with Grant Maniér, The Eco-Artist

Grant Maniér (maun-yay) is a talented Eco-Artist . 


foundation for his art.

Grant uses thousands of cut and torn pieces of recycled paper to create his award-winning masterpieces.

Grant shares his knowledge and techniques with your students,  teaching the importance of recycling to help improve our relationship with the earth.  


Grant collaborates with students on an Eco-Art project          throughout the presentation.

Plus, students will hear Grant's NEW  audio book:

  GRANT the Eco-Friendly Artist

 Eco-Art Package Includes:

Meet Grant Maniér

1.5  hour minimum presentation

Number in attendance: Based on project

*Eco-Art Kits available (additional cost)

Audio Book:  GRANT the Eco-Friendly Artist

Please Contact and request the best options for your class.

(Saturdays Upon Request)


Special Appearance
Contact us

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