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Grant and Coca-Cola SW Beverages 
Team-Up to raise awareness!



See why Grant Maniér chooses to celebrate Earth Day every day in his eco-art piece "Recycle Me Again," featuring products ethically and sustainably sourced by Grant himself.

Grant Maniér  

               "Today's world is turning into an Eco-Friendly environment and Eco-Art
                       is playing a fundamental role in the way people are recycling."   

Emerging as one of the most notable young artists of the new millennium, Grant Maniér (maun-yay), a young talented Eco-Artist combines his worlds autism, cancer and art. His obsession with tearing and cutting paper became his form of healing. Grant is changing the perceptions of how to reduce, reuse, and recycle by creating extraordinary collages using thousands of pieces of recycled calendars, magazines, posters, puzzles and more. From an owl made from movie posters to dolphins crafted with applesauce lids, Grant is raising the awareness and beauty of recycling.
Today, Grant is an award-winning artist and advocate, capturing the attention of national media and being honored with awards multiple times for his Eco-impressionism as well as his outstanding contribution to the community. Grant brings his visual art exhibit and literacy program into schools and organizations, teaching the importance of environmental responsibility through his art and new children’s book series: Grant the Jigsaw Giraffe and friends. 
He also supports great causes and has raised thousands of dollars for student scholarships, therapy, camps, and more. Whether an admirer or owner of an Eco-original or print, people love his art, his story, and that he stands for “HOPE”.

Meet  Grant Maniér in person.  Have Grant and Julie read and demonstrate Eco-art at your school or organization.               


Motivational Speakers

Grant and Julie

Community Service Leader


Award-Winning Artist and Teacher

Raising over $500,000 for great causes across the nation.
Grant has a milestone night.....  SOLD! $30,000
Grant has raised money to purchase wheelchairs, hearing aides,   
summer camps, scholarships, and even assisting first responders!


SOLD! $30,000 (bid only video)

What a spectacular night spending  the evening with 

our friends from the Be An Angel organization.

 Grant's art donation sold for $30,000 to help 

Be An Angel do what they do best..... 

serving Grant's friends with challenges and disabilities.

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                                                                   Grant's Mentor:  Dr. Temple Grandin                                                                 Time Magazine 100 Most Influential People in the World Living with Autism

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        Grant and Julie inspire others through their personal journey living  with a disability and sharing Grant's Eco-Art masterpieces

Grant Maniér (maun-yay), is an award-winning Eco-Artist who has incorporated conservationism into his work. REDUCE-REUSE-RECYCLE and UPCYCLE serves as the foundation for his amazing creations.
But that's not all; Grant is also an award-winning children's book illustrator who merges art and reading, inspiring creativity and raising awareness about protecting the environment.
Grant's passion for art and illustrating is his unique form of self-expression and a source of healing, demonstrating that autism does not define him; he defines his autism through his talents and skills.

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